Characters and Legends in Poker

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Human head cards generally refer to K, Q and J cards in poker, but some places also list A as human head cards. A card with a figure pattern on its surface is initially called COAT CAROS and later COUR. Modern poker manufacturers in the United States and the United Kingdom have basically the same design pattern for their human head cards, which follow the pattern of 18th century French poker cards.

Early pattern design was entirely determined by the skill of the artist who carved the woodcut. Later, this pattern gradually changed from representing recognized characters or events to meaningless figures. Legend has it that Henry VIII was a model of four K's; the four K's portraits of the oldest English poker cards now have curly, flanked beards and beards like Henry VIII. It is also said that the four figures on Q are probably Queen Elizabeth of the York Dynasty, Queen Henry VII. The design of the figure pattern on the other people's head cards obviously follows that of the poker cards made in Lyon, France in the past. Although the figures are different, they are still similar in customs, the position of the hands and the weapons they hold.

The manufacture of French poker cards has been developing along the lines of each manufacturer. By 1813, the government issued an officially approved design, giving names to each person's head cards. Until today, many poker cards still use this name:

Spades, hearts, diamonds and plum blossoms

K. David Charlie Caesar Alexander

Q Palas Judith Rachel Agini

J. Hodgiraheil Hector Lancelot

Among them, Spade K. David was the father of Solomon, King of Israel in the 10th century BC. He played on the harp and wrote many hymns in the Bible. Spade Q Palas is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, and the only queen with weapons in four queens'cards. Spade J. Holgill was the attendant of Charles I (Heart K). Charles I of the Red Peach K was the only king of the four K without a beard. Red Peach Q is Queen Judith. Red J. Lahaier was the attendant of Charles VII. Diamond K Caesar was the king of the Roman Empire and the only profile of the four cards. Diamond J Hector was Charles I's attendant. Plum K Alexander was the first Macedonian king to conquer the world. His clothes were always worn with a ball treasure with a cross. The word "Q Argine" of Plum Blossom is derived from the letter shift of the word "Regina". She holds roses in her hand, indicating that the Royal Lancaster clan marked by red roses and the Royal York clan marked by white roses finally reconciled after the Rose War, bringing the roses of both sides together. Plum blossom J Lancelotti is a knight in King Arthur's story.

In Hungary's poker cards, there are eight head cards representing the eight characters in Schiller's Swiss-backed play William Till. But Switzerland has never used such cards.

There is no Q in common poker cards in Germany, but there are two J. And some German poker cards have four head cards in each suit, A-K-J-J. In Trepola (Spanish teeth and Italy), the queen image on Q is replaced by a knight on a horse.

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